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Service Offerings
We focus on three key service areas
Energy Management and Efficiency
Energy Procurement
Our FuseMap platform includes an energy procurement solution that helps clients maximize opportunities in deregulated energy markets. We assist clients in vetting potential suppliers and provide a comprehensive back office contract workflow engine to ensure fast, accurate Request for Proposal (RFP) to contract execution with the best available pricing and products. We continually monitor and evaluate energy procurement strategy in light of dynamic market changes. The FuseMap platform provides data and insight into energy costs, market intelligence, and contract status to help make timely, more informed decisions on a daily basis.

Energy Management and Efficiency
Market Intelligence and Analytics
We provide clients with tailored recommendations to proactively and cost-effectively manage the timing and term of energy sourcing decisions, resulting in reduced budget volatility, better cost saving opportunities, and a more disciplined approach to energy supply management. Our consultants constantly monitor energy market drivers like regulations, economic data, historical performance and regional supply and demand and translate this energy intelligence into tailored energy procurement recommendations for our clients.

Energy Management and Efficiency
Utility Rate Analysis
We use client consumption data, usage patterns, operational needs and business objectives to evaluate and recommend rate alternatives that can reduce costs on an ongoing basis. Our FuseMap utility rate analysis solution continuously compares actual energy utilization data against proprietary energy models for every account under management, yielding savings for alternative rate programs, tariff discounts, and utility incentives.

Energy Management and Efficiency
Energy Benchmarking & Certification
Our Energy Benchmarking and Certification services are foundational energy information tools that allow our clients to make decisions about where and how to save on energy costs. Using data-based applications, we reveal poor energy performers and savings opportunities across all facilities in our client portfolio.

We expose energy problems clients have by identifying baselines and outliers and affording clients the opportunity to take the first step toward informed business decisions that improves their bottom line.

ENERGY STAR : The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® program provides an opportunity for commercial and residential properties to get the ENERGY STAR® label - a label that identifies a building as an energy-efficient top performing building. Find out more We support clients in obtaining Energy Star Certifications. Our electronic data feed through our smart energy management system, FuseMap transfers batch portfolio data to the Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager, thus eliminating manual data upload and protecting data integrity. Additionally, once client data is benchmarked in Energy Star, our engineers support onsite verification of client building consumption information to ensure greater accuracy in the Energy Star labeling process.
Energy Management and Efficiency
Engineering Services
This service provides a key initial step in determining and correcting excessive energy use across portfolios. Using a statistical sampling method that identifies site types, our engineers perform representative site audits and using FuseMap, analyze actual consumption and spend information. We then identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce costs portfolio- wide, without the time and expense of auditing each individual site. These results will uncover the real reasons why resource use is driving utility bill data and costs. Building on the preliminary findings from the benchmarking process, the Engineering Services process uses data and onsite findings to provide support for design and deployment of building control systems to meet energy strategies. The commissioning process includes point-to-point checkout of EMS devices and sensors, and a verification of commanded value to expected response. The final setup provides for integration of new or existing EMS into the 24/7 monitoring center (OCC) to enable continuous monitoring, alarm management, remote diagnostics and ROI verification.

Energy Management and Efficiency
Energy Innovation
Using FuseMap, we provide interpretation of plug load information to identify inefficiencies, set priorities and take action to save energy. Varying levels of complexity, control strategies, data collection abilities help control your energy costs. We also provide occupancy assessment and centralized temperature control which helps your business control temperature and visualize occupancy across several facilities.

Data Expense and Management
Utility Bill Analysis
Our FuseMap system identifies energy waste via real-time data analytics using artificial intelligence to analyze energy usage and cost in buildings and recommending improvements. This capability allows us to quickly pinpoint those buildings with high utility cost and usage and those that may have possible leaks.

Data Expense and Management
Project Management
We design and implement energy efficiency projects for our clients. Some of our services include:
  • Program development for lighting retrofits and control, compressed air audits, HVAC systems, steam and boilers, power factor correction, distributed generation and propane air systems
  • Application for federal and local rebates, incentives & credits
  • Site assessments, including the analysis and identification of efficiency and usage reduction opportunities at a particular facility
Data Expense and Management
Site Service Management
Our site service management solution allows our clients to outsource the time-consuming task of working with utilities to open or close accounts, gather inventories of deposits, and request deposit waivers. We open new accounts by contacting each utility after meters have been set to begin service while at the same time ensuring that only the appropriate services are established and negotiating to waive or lower opening deposits. Once the accounts are open, our energy management system continues to keep a watchful eye to ensure the accounts stay on the correct rate schedules. If needed, we also transfer ownership of utility accounts from one company to another. When it's time to close accounts, we personally contact each utility to end service while ensuring that all deposits are credited or refunded and that all account credits are returned to you. This process is managed through our FuseMap system.

FuseMap allows provides solutions for property managers to manage the process of opening and closing utility accounts in real time.

Data Expense and Management
Budgets and Accruals
Our budget and accruals solution through FuseMap significantly enhances the accuracy of energy financials, as well as provides logical data-driven explanations for budget deviations. Our budget development process leverages our data warehouse, our client's billing history, and our insight of planned rate changes to provide annual and monthly electric and/or gas service budget for usage and spend. That can include reporting structure such as regions and/or divisions. Included in the budget report is a variance report that shows actuals against budget.

We also compile monthly variance analysis, which highlights and explains what caused deviations. Budget variances can be caused by utility billing cycles/missing bills; pricing changes; unusual energy consumption or trends; and site additions, closes or changes.

Corporate Sustainability Strategies
We have conceptual frameworks and on-the- ground perspective to help organizations make tangible changes on in their quest to improve resource and sustainability management performance.

Our solution enables businesses to:
  • Measure their sustainability baseline
  • Define their long-term goals
  • Develop a strategic and implementable action plan
  • Deeply engage their employees for guaranteed program execution success
Life Cycle Assessment
The purpose of a life-cycle analysis is to assess the environmental impact throughout all stages of a product’s life cycle. Our LCA services can be customized to each point along your step-by-step commitment to greener products.

We identify and quantify energy and materials used, and waste released into the environment to assess their environmental impact and improve opportunities for improvement.

Carbon Management
Deploying both advanced carbon accounting software and expert advisory support, Emissions Consult's Carbon Management Solutions helps businesses maximize opportunity and reduce business risk by identifying, reducing, and reporting total global GHG emissions. Starting with inventory boundary definition and data acquisition planning, our carbon experts will help you efficiently gather dispersed datasets, perform accurate and transparent GHG calculations, and organize results to meet the diverse reporting needs of internal and external stakeholders. In addition, Emissions Sustainability and Emissions Reporting solution in FuseMap houses powerful business analytic tools for forecasting, scenario modeling, and project tracking. These tools help clients make the necessary and best possible investment decisions on how to mitigate current and future carbon cost and risk.

Water Management
Our Water Management solution assists clients in managing water and wastewater bills, a foundational activity that then allows us to accurately report withdrawals and wastewater discharges. Building on this core of analytic data, FuseMap identifies sites of abnormally high water usage and our facility auditors conduct water efficiency studies to determine capital investment and behavioral change opportunities for increasing water consumption efficiency.